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There is oil in them there hills!

I want to introduce you to our project: a film documentary about wildcatting, about oil right here in the United States, independent oil, and about people with distinct characters that are going all in taking their savings and spending it on the search for an adventure. The documentary will look deep into their personas, the people surrounding them and those they have yet to meet. The emotions encountered and the emotions hidden away. Let me take you on a quick journey of these four individuals from four countries on three continents that have come together to drill for oil in Appalachia, in the heart of Kentucky.

The total cost for the film project is $25,000. For the fundraising, we have released the film project on the Web 2.0 platform www.kickstarter.com

Starting at $ 5,00 you can participate in this great project. Depending on the amount of the contribution, there are very exciting rewards for the supporters.

Deposits are only possible on the kickstarter page. We would be very happy and thankful if you would support us. Following the link

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